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A Company Dedicated to Dreaming Big

What happens when you bring together an entrepreneur, a teacher, and a creative visionary, then ask them to revolutionize the world of personal finance? You get Moonshot X.

Moonshot X was created by a team that is passionate about making investment accessible to all. For us, that means giving everyone – from novices to experienced traders – the educational tools and resources that will help grow their portfolio. But we also know that knowledge and teaching tools only go so far if entering the market also means busting your monthly budget. That’s why we wanted to find a way to let people earn financial rewards while engaging in everyday activities, like paying bills or shopping for groceries. Of course, growing your portfolio also means managing your finances, so we needed to provide helpful money management tools.

The result was a company based around a single, inspirational idea:

We want to empower everyone to achieve financial freedom through wise investment and money management. We believe that – with the right tools and expertise – it is possible to let your dreams take flight. Whether you’re planning for retirement, hoping to further your education, or just want to get a taste of life’s luxuries, we want to be there with you as you achieve your goals. That’s why we named our company Moonshot X. Because we want to help everyone shoot for the moon. As the saying goes, “even when you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

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