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Your New Select Prepaid Mastercard

The world of finance is changing.  Don’t be left behind. Get the card that lets you earn Cash Back** with every purchase. 

Apply now.  Cardholders can download the app to take advantage of the Moonshot X suite of financial tools and resources.  Standard data charges may apply.

Simple. Secure. Smart.

The Moonshot X Rewards Program**

Based in the U.S., Moonshot X rewards cardholders with cash back on all purchases. Accepted globally, your new Select Prepaid Mastercard can be loaded and reloaded through our app, via direct deposit, or topped up with cash at participating retailers, giving you an easy and accessible way to spend and save as you choose.  What makes our Rewards Program different is that you have the freedom to get cash back and other perks via our Rewards Center.

Unlike other cards that limit the amount of rewards you can earn-it’s all in the fine print-we don’t put ANY caps on our Rewards Program.  You earn 1 Reward Point for every $1 spent. Points never expire.  Sign up today and receive 10,000 Rewards Points! Who knew investing could be so much fun?


At Moonshot X, we are all about spreading the wealth. We have one of the most generous referral programs around. Sign up your friends and family and receive additional Rewards Points. Want more? If you are an influencer, please contact us directly for more details.


Sign up today and receive 10,000 Rewards Points! The rewards just keep coming with your new Select Prepaid Mastercard. Unlike other card companies that limit your rewards, Moonshot X’s dynamic rewards program offers additional rewards multipliers for all of life’s moments, such as your 3x Rewards back for your birthday or 5x Rewards on all purchases made during Christmas. Our rewards are always dynamic and changing, so be sure to follow us on social media for the latest updates.


No hidden sign-up fees or monthly charges. With no minimum balance, your Select Prepaid Mastercard is the smart, productive way to manage your money.

Use your Select Prepaid Mastercard at more than 55,000 ATMs nationwide with no additional fee charged by Moonshot X for withdrawals. What's more, your Select Prepaid Mastercard is accepted internationally.


Moonshot X Rewards Members get one year of complimentary access to the Moonshot X Academy, where you can learn more about how to make the most out of your portfolio. Want more personalized advice? Stay tuned for more details about how Moonshot X Rewards Members will soon be able to get help with financial planning, savings, and investing. Take control of your future now.

Moonshot Academy**

To maximize your experience and value with your Select Prepaid Mastercard, each cardholder receives access to the Moonshot Academy. The Moonshot Academy is devoted to education, investment, and trading.  Our Academy is broken down into two parts.  In the Academy section, you will find access to articles, guides, classes, seminars and more.  Topics range from beginner lessons on investment basics to advanced topics.  The Academy also offers live instruction.  For the advanced user, we also offer stock tips and signals through our Discord.  That includes buy and sell indicators, analysis, and much more. The Moonshot Academy is also available for non-card holders for $1/month.


Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, Moonshot X has the resources to help further your financial education.  With everything from online classes and videos to white papers and expert advice, we can help you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to expand your financial literacy.


Successful investors know that timing is everything.  That’s why Moonshot X offers members up-to-the-minute trade signals and tips.  We analyze the market to help members make the right trade at the right time.  Get the latest signals, advice, news, and analysis delivered directly to your phone or computer and stay on top of every market trend.


Investment advice doesn’t have to be complicated.  Our team will help you navigate the market and determine which investments are right for you.  Whether you’re looking to minimize risk or whether you’re ready to make a moonshot, we can help develop a plan that fits your life while providing for your future.

Get started today! Sign up for your Select Prepaid Mastercard and start earning rewards!